Habits For Successful Weight Loss

Successful weight loss doesn’t happen overnight but it can happen quickly with a few good habits.

It’s a mindset that leads to lifestyle changes that will improve our health instead of yo-yo dieting or quick fixes. The most basic weight loss plan can help you to lose 20 pounds within 1 month if you want fast and healthy results.

There are other diets like keto for persons who want to lose over 60 pounds with a more strict approach.

With these habits, you will experience successful weight loss over a longer period of time without any diets. The best thing is that you can also maintain your ideal weight with the same practices.

Habits For Successful Weight Loss

1- Being decisive

Are you committed or are you just dabbling? This is a question I had to ask myself when I struggled to eat healthily and break my sugar cravings. Now I’m asking you.

Are you committed or are you dabbling?

When you’re committed to weight loss in a healthy and consistent way, it becomes something that you pursue no matter what the obstacles are. It’s important to know why you want to pursue your successful weight loss journey.

Do you want to look better, feel better, get more energy or improve your health? Get some clarity and that will make all of the following habits for successful weight loss much easier.

Commitment might also include doing the right research to know what the best diet is for you, going to your doctor to see if you have any issues that might surface if you are on a diet and actually doing the work to lose weight.

Talking about the best diets, here’s the other habit for successful weight loss.

2- Create a diet philosophy

Low carb? Low calorie? Paleo? Vegan? Or just whole foods?

Many people don’t like labels, but I think that when you have a basic idea of what you want your diet to look like, it’s easier when you search for recipes, go grocery shopping, or dine out in a restaurant.

I personally follow a low carb/whole foods philosophy. This means that I eat little to no refined or processed products and no refined carbs. I eat between 80 and 120g of carbs per day, and those carbs come from natural sources. Some things that I always have on hand are oatmeal, banana, green beans, kale, zucchini, and some other foods on this list.

Having a basic eating preference already established will save you tons of time, money and energy. Be sure to plan for any health issues that you may have.

3- Plan for your family

It’s so great to have a group of people who can support you and even join you on your weight loss journey.

Even if it’s that one person who can motivate you and to remind you of your weight loss goals. And then there’s your literal family that you have to consider if you live with them.

If you find that they are content with the way things are even though you want to change, the best thing to do is to get ready to make some plans.

When you live alone, it’s easy to restock your fridge and pantry and start afresh. But let’s say you have a family and you’re the only person in your house who’s on a diet.

4- Dominate breakfast

Breakfast can make or break your day. For some people, they prefer to eat as soon as they wake up and others practice intermittent fasting or eating later in the morning. It doesn’t matter, as long as you make your breakfast protein rich and filling.

There are many reasons why this is important.

Tim Ferris, in the Four Hour Workweek, recommends eating 30 grams of protein for breakfast. Many others recommend it, and I personally practice it.

The protein keeps me full more than a regular breakfast would unless it’s a heavy oatmeal smoothie. When I say full, I mean full for HOURS. This helps me to eat less, get no sugar cravings and the compound effect of this is successful weight loss.

Breakfast protein doesn’t have to be just eggs and bacon either. I’ve had a tofu scramble, leftover lentils, chicken breast and regular omelets. Basically, have whatever you love that can give you the protein punch you need.

5- Work out regularly

In addition to eating healthy, exercise can be a great asset to your successful weight loss journey. This is a habit that requires discipline and energy, but it also helps you to get more discipline and energy in other areas of life.

This successful weight loss habit is one that will help you burn fat, build lean muscle and get stronger. Can’t beat that.

I’m sure you already know the numerous benefits of exercise. But what if you still hate it?

There are many other fat burning exercises that you can do. There’s walking, running, hiking, yoga, swimming, dancing, cycling, gardening, getting a more physical job, and even rock climbing or jumping rope.

I’m sure that there are many others that you can choose from, but adding at least one of these will help you to lose weight and get some strength while doing it.

6- Make plans for events

This is the habit that can make or break your weight loss goals. We live in a world where food is not only used for sustenance, it’s used to express success or failure.

Got the promotion? Let’s go have dinner to celebrate!

Didn’t get the promotion? Let’s hit the bar and then stop at the supermarket for some ice cream!

I can’t really say that all of these moments are bad, because they sometimes help us to cope, and they are often opportunities to socialize and make memories.

However, it’s in these moments when emotions are high that all good intentions go out the window. You won’t always be able to stay on top of your diet, especially on hectic days and during overwhelming periods. This is why preparing for them is so important.

There’s also regular dining out with family or eating at a friends house. Here’s what I say.

If you are going out and can find a restaurant with healthy options. go there.

If you have a friend who always makes the best meals but you know it can set you back on your weight loss journey, host dinner at your place instead and ask them to contribute one dish, if any. Also, let them know that you’re on a diet.

And if you are invited to a dinner where a loved one has worked hard to prepare a meal for you, thank them, smile and enjoy it.

You can get back on your diet at the next meal. Don’t hurt your loved ones’ feelings, especially if they didn’t know that you’ve changed your lifestyle.

7- Stay motivated

This is an important habit, not only for successful weight loss but for any goal that you set. You can stay motivated for successful weight loss by reminding yourself of your goals daily, and envisioning the outcome that you want to achieve.

Focus on the process, find people who you can work with, and reward yourself for every milestone.

Having a strong sense of purpose also helps with motivation. When you see this weight loss journey as something that you are doing to improve your body and ultimately improve your life, you will be excited to continue working on it. The time is gonna pass anyway.

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