How to Quickly Dry Your Clothes in Winter? Check This Out!

Often, especially in winter, clothes have a hard time drying. The days are shorter, the hours of sunlight are fewer and less intense, there’s more humidity, and the fabrics are heavier. Those who don’t have a dryer face difficulties. How to fix this? Here’s a method that will allow you to dry your laundry in no time.

The Best Way to Dry Your Laundry

The best way to dry your laundry is undoubtedly by air-drying. If you have space and sunlight, use them as much as possible to dry your clothes. However, in winter, air-drying can be more challenging due to the weather conditions and the heaviness of the fabrics. If you have a dryer, it’s quick and easy; your clothes will be completely dry in no time.

However, there’s a foolproof method to dry your laundry quickly, regardless of the weather conditions. The process starts right from the washing machine. First, it’s advisable to run a washing program that includes a high-speed spin cycle to eliminate as much excess water as possible.

Once the washing is done, open the washing machine door and insert a clean towel among the still damp clothes. One towel will be enough for a half-load, while two towels will be necessary for a full load. Then, close the door and simply start the spin cycle.

The Towel Method

The clean towel in the washing machine will facilitate water removal by absorbing it during the spin cycle. In fact, when the washing machine is finished, you’ll notice that the clothes are just damp. All that’s left to do is to hang the laundry with a little distance between the items to allow better air circulation and facilitate drying. Again, if possible, hang the clothes outside in the sun. This way, your laundry will dry in just 15 minutes. If that’s not possible, you can still hang it indoors, perhaps placing the drying rack in front of a radiator.

Some clothes cannot be machine-washed and need to be washed by hand, such as pure wool sweaters. What to do in this case? The process is simple, and you’ll still need a towel. After washing and wringing your sweater well, take a clean towel and spread it on a shelf.

Lay the sweater on the towel and start rolling it tightly to absorb the water residue. Roll the towel until the end, pressing firmly to squeeze out all the water from the sweater. Then, unroll everything and arrange the sweater for air-drying.

Other Quick Drying Methods

Sometimes you might need to wear a freshly washed but still damp garment urgently. How to handle this situation? There are a few tricks that can help when combined with the methods described above. One solution is to iron our garment inside out, setting the iron to a low temperature and without steam. The heat from the iron will not only dry but also smooth and stretch the fabric fibers, aiding in the drying process.

Turn the garment right side out, iron it again, and then hang it on a hanger for 10 minutes. If necessary, iron it one last time for a perfect drying result.

Another effective alternative for quickly drying a garment involves using a hairdryer. It should be used at a minimum distance of 50 cm to avoid damaging the fabric. With this method, it will be possible to dry even pure wool sweaters without risking any damage.

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